Build the core competitiveness of the company

  • High quality raw material base
    High quality raw material base Is the guarantee of great development With the development of planting base farmers signed a contract, unified, unified technical guidance, unified price, unified standard.
  • Product quality
    Product quality Is the cornerstone of the development of the company Depending on the quality of the company's products as the life of the company, the company set up five quality inspection.
  • Chinese taste, family heritage
    Chinese taste, family heritage After decades of refinement of the famous spices Shandong huge seasoning Food Co. Ltd was founded in 1985, the company production of “ &rdquo Lao Pang; brand series of condiment sold at home and abroad, more than and 120 varieties of products.
  • brand building
    brand building Is the driving force for the development of the company Condiment companies adhere to the brand building strategy, the use of super media, new media and other channels for publicity, so that “ old Pang ” safe, healthy, delicious brand image of the hearts of the vast number of consumers.
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XXX Group Limited was founded in January 18, 2005, is a municipal government capital to accelerate the strategic adjustment of state-owned capital, a few key enterprises bigger and stronger, to XX (industry) Group Limited, a wholly state-owned company XYZ Holdings Limited and a city gas Refco Group Ltd reorganization and the establishment of a city, is one of the largest state-owned enterprises. The capital, infra...

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